Over 40 Years of Precision Motion Tracking Experience


Over 50 Years of Experience

Polhemus is known as the true pioneer and leader in the motion tracking industry, first introducing our proprietary electromagnetic technology in 1969. Although Polhemus motion tracking products are currently used in a broad range of applications, the initial product was developed for pilots, when we introduced head tracking for the military--which we still do today.

Over 50 years later, we remain true to our mission:

Give our customers the power to break new ground through innovative, cost-effective enabling technologies for the real and virtual world.

Product Expansion

In the 1990’s, we built upon our reputable legacy of motion tracking and expanded our product line--successfully adding eye tracking and 3D laser scanning to our portfolio. These additions paved the way for entering new markets, and Polhemus became known more broadly as the trusted, reliable source for motion measurement tracking technology.

With this expansion, Polhemus evolved and focused efforts in the Research and Technology, Health Care, and Military markets. Over the years, one thing has remained the same—an ability to innovate and produce new solutions in high-fidelity motion measurement tracking.

Position or Orientation? Yes.

Our technology is unique, as it measures both position and orientation natively--providing you with full six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) motion tracking without post-processing of data to derive missing measurements. The data never gets "lost" because a line-of-sight was obstructed. There are no cameras involved. And there's no drift, as with inertial technology.

We supply motion tracking to a wide breadth of innovations around the world, catering to a broad range of customers with a variety of needs. Our products can be found in an array of applications including: biomechanics, virtual reality, training simulators, image guided surgery, orthotics and prosthetics—and military guidance systems—to name just a few.