Third Party Plug-Ins

Unity Game Engine

The PLStream package gives Unity developers runtime access to 6DOF data captured by Polhemus tracking systems. The package contains the PLStream.cs C# script, an example scene, and a Windows® executable “UnityExport” with supporting libraries. UnityExport connects to your LIBERTY™, PATRIOT™, FASTRAK® or G4™ system and exports raw tracker data to a UDP socket. The script captures the UDP data and parses it to a common interface found in the PLSteam class. 

  • Requires Unity 5.2.1 or higher.
  • To download the PLStream package and instructions: Click Here

VRPN - Virtual Reality Peripheral Network

For Windows® Platforms: The Polhemus PDI VRPN module works with the following products: G4™, LIBERTY™, LIBERTY™ LATUS™, PATRIOT™, FASTRAK®


  • The PDI VRPN module requires Polhemus Software Development Kit PDI v4.2.0 or greater to be installed on the build host. The PDI can be installed from your tracker's Host Software CD or by contacting Polhemus Technical Support at:
  • The Polhemus PDI VRPN module is part of the official VRPN GitHub repository.
  • Detailed instructions for building VRPN and using the PDI module are found in Polhemus Support Technical Note 1401: Click Here


The Polhemus trackd module works with the following products: LIBERTY™, LIBERTY™ LATUS™, PATRIOT™, PATRIOT™ Wireless, MINUTEMAN™, PATRIOT™ Wireless, FASTRAK® and G4™ tracking systems.

  • To download trackd module and release notes: Click Here

National Instruments LabVIEW™ PDI LabVIEW™ Instrument Driver (PDILV)

The PDILV instrument driver works with the following Polhemus products: LIBERTY™, LIBERTY™ LATUS™, PATRIOT™, PATRIOT Wireless™ and FASTRAK® tracking systems.

PDILV is based on the Polhemus Developer Interface (PDI) software development kit.Most functions available in the PDI are represented by Virtual Instruments (VIs) in the PDILV Instrument Driver.

PDILV was developed and tested with 32- and 64-bit versions of LabVIEW™ 2012. For earlier versions of LabVIEW™, please contact Polhemus Technical Support at

G4 LabVIEW Instrument Driver (G4 LabVIEW)

The G4™ LabVIEW instrument driver works with the Polhemus G4 tracker only. G4 LabVIEW was developed and tested with 32- and 64-bit versions of LabVIEW™ 2012.

To Install:

  • The .zip file contains two internal .zip files, for 32- and 64-bit LabVIEW installations.
  • Extract the 32- or 64-bit internal .zip file into the instr.libfolder in your National Instruments LabVIEW installation.
  • Note: Polhemus instrument drivers can also be obtained from the National Instruments LabVIEW Instrument Driver Network here.


Polhemus Linux solutions are open source and work with LIBERTY™, PATRIOT™, and G4™ tracking systems.


Plug-in for MotionBuilder supports PATRIOT™, PATRIOT™ Wireless, LIBERTY™ and LIBERTY™ LATUS™ motion capture systems (requires MotionBuilder 7.5 or later).

  • To Download a 15-Day Trial of MotionBuilder: Click Here


Plug-In for Rhino works with PATRIOT™ Digitizer and also works with LIBERTY™ systems that have a stylus. Rhino software is sold separately.

  • For Polhemus Digitizer Rhino Plug-Ins: Click Here